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Tianjin Herong Titanium industry co., LTD

    Tianjin Herong Titanium Industry co., LTD. is a joint venture founded by  Atlantic China Welding Consumables., Inc and Tianjin Aoli Mining co., LTD., (Atlantic China Welding Consumables., Inc is the only domestic welding materials company and public-listed state-owned company), and controlled by the listed company, producing titanium electrode with reduction products. The company is located in the port city of Tianjin, the construction site is located in the economic development zone of Ninghe county .The company covers an area of 39960 O, registered capital of 50 million. Tianjin Herong Titanium Industry co., LTD is designed and built in June 2012, in March 2013 starting production, the reduction of titanium production technical force is abundant, the personnel of technical management have many years experience in the reduction of titanium production.
    Reduction titanium is the mainly product of the company,  in dark grey particles. It is a kind of electrode materials, mainly used as the coated electrode welding material such as fluxing agent. Its main ingredients is TiO2, which can effectively improve the electrode performance; And there are nearly 30% of elemental iron in the reduction of titanium and, which can significantly improve the deposition efficiency of welding material.
    Now the company has the most complete and advanced production line in China, with the largest single annual production of titanium (140 tons/day), the lowest cost of production, the most advanced technology and environmental protection strength. The production line include a rotary kiln with the diameter of 3.5 meters and the length of 72 meters, and a cooling klin with the diameter of 2.5 meters and the length of 32 meters. And also for this production line we have 2 sets of professional electrostatic equipments,1 set of water separation,20 sets of electric magnetic separation equipment and 1set of drying kiln aiming at the reduction of titanium.

    To guarantee the quality of the products, the company has set up a production department of scientific research, and in the guidance of Atlantic China Welding Consumables.,Inc (The Technology Center of Atlantic China Welding Consumables.,Inc is a state-level enterprise technology center) established a professional laboratory, containing such as carbon sulfur analyzer and other  full range of testing equipment.
    We pursue the concept of "quality for the brand, the brand as a symbol of the industry, the industry is the cornerstone of national", supplying high quality reduction of titanium electrode enterprise products; For the purpose of "good faith to win the world", we provide customers with the best service.

    Address: Tianjin economic development zone, the first road of the cross of No.3 Jing road and No.12 Jing road.
Telephone: 022-69623999
Fax: 022-69621688
Zip code: 301505
Email address: aoli@tjalkc.com

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