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Jiangsu Atlantic Welding Consumables Limited Liability Company

Jiangsu Atlantic Welding Consumables Limited Liability Company was set up by Qidong Jin zhou Welding Consumables Limited Company and Sichuan Atlantic Welding Consumables, Inc. on Octomber, 2013. Its products mainly included all kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel flux-cored wire. With total investment 50,000,000, the company located at Qidong Xingang Industrial Park, adjacented to provincial high way S336 and covered an area of 38,000 square meter which including 18,000 square meter production workshop and 4,500 square meter official area.

The company owned 10 production lines and 30,000 tons annual production capacity. With all in readiness detection means, the company can make sure products quality stable and reliable through physical and chemical analysis detection. Products quality complied with national standards and enjoyed higher reputation in domestic and abroad market. Company products JZ71T-1, CHT711 has passed the ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, KR, LR and NK. The classification is 3YSAH10 and be widely used in ship building, pressure vessel, steel structure and other related industries. The new stainless stelel flux-cored wire JZ-E308L, JZ-E309L and JZ-316L is applying for approval of society classification. With the high starting point and strict requirements contents, the company used the newest technology and equipment of welding field with the help of the Atlantic China Welding Consumables, Inc. advanced management concept and gave full play to the advantages of cooperation to create welding materials well-known brands. We sincerely hope in cooperation with the customers. With optimal product quality, the most optimal cost and the best service, we will set up the most connotation product brand and create economic and social value for customers and society.

The company adhere to Quality first and Keeping Honest for aim, sincerely hope to be your partner and warmly welcome to visit, guidance, cooperation. Finally, let us develop brilliant future together hand in hand!

AddressQidong Xigang Industrial Park,Jiangsu Province


TEL: 0513-83819933 

FAX: 0513-83819833

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