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Sichuan Atlantic Shenyuan Special Materials Co. Ltd.
      Sichuan Atlantic Shenyuan Special Materials Co. Ltd. was set up with Jiangsu Shenyuan Special Steel Co. Ltd and controlled by Sichuan Atlantic Welding Consumables, Inc...
    The company is committed to the research, pilot plant test, production and sales of high-grade alloy and high-end welding materials. The company has advanced research and development production equipment, including: 25kg, 50 kg and 1000kg vacuum induction furnace,  100kg and 1000kg electroslag relemter furnace with gas protection, medium-frequency induction furnace, first scale of 300 tons/year and gradually will meet high-grade alloy production 2000 tons/year.

    The products mainly include ultratek, high temperature alloy, non-ferrous alloy, stainless-steel, low alloy and high strength steel, low-temperature steel and heat-resist steel. The company provide the high-end welding raw materials for Sichuan Atlantic Welding Consumables, Inc. to meet the demands of special welding materials in aerospace, nuclear, military industry and others national major construction projects. It fills the blank of domestic long-term dependence on imported special welding materials and break abroad monopoly.

Address: No. 16 Rongchuan Road, Bancang Industrial Park, Zigong City, Sichuan Province
Postcode: 643000
Fax: 0813-8230692
Tel: 0813-8230692

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