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    Guangxi Yizhou Atlantic flux Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Located in reputated for Fairy singer Sanjie Liu Yizhou City, Guangxi Province. The company is a smelting flux manufacturing enterprise with more than 1000 tons sales volume and specialized in researching, producing and saling smelting flux. The company main product isATLANTIC brand submerged arc automatic smelting flux, such as CHF431, CHF431R, CHF43, CHF300, CHF330R,CHF331, CHF350, CHF350R, CHE260, CHF260R, CHF250G, CHF250GR, CHF107A, CHF71H, and CHF26H.

    It also could produce other brands products according customers demands. The products are widely used in pressure equipments, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, high-rise building, boiler, aerospace, nuclear industry, military industry, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, hydropower and thermal power, Bridges, offshore drilling platform and other national economy fields. As the "large crude oil storage tank form a complete set of welding materials research group member of the national development and reform commission, the company products high-tech smelting flux CHF26H and CHE71H has been used in Guangxi Qinzhou, Xinjiang, Lanzhou, Dalian, Ningbo, Qingdao etc. petroleum reserve tank construction and successfully replaced Japan Steel Company products MF33H and filled the domestic blank. The company products have also been used in Birds Nest, the Asian Games construction and Nuclear Power Station.
    The company has a strong technical force and has a complete quality guarantee system and experimental detection with analysising, welding, and mechanical performance testing equipments.
    The company focus on brand strategy and pursue for "quality first, reputation first". The company tries to provide first-class products and service for the domestic and foreign customers with the advantage of human resources and rely on first-class technology and strong strength. The company will constantly blaze new trails and commit to welding materials fields to build a well-known brand in China.
    Guangxi Yizhou Atlantic flux Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Address: Luodong Industrial Park, Yizhou City, Guangxi Province
Post Code: 546304
Tel: 0778-3978188
Fax: 0778-3978188
E-mail: yzdxyky@163.com




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