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Yunnan Atlantic Electrode Co., Ltd, the holding subsidiary company of Sichuan Atlantic Welding Material Co., Ltd( which is formerly named China welding Electrode Plant, stock code is 600558), established in 1993. Sichuan Atlantic Welding Material Co., Ltd accounts for a total investment of 55%, and Yunnan mechanical and electrical equipment General Corporation accounts for a total investment of 45%.
    The advanced production process and technology of Atlantic welding consumables have been used in production. The annual design production capacity of more than 60000 tons, of which, welding rods of more than 40000 tons and sintered flux of more than 20000 tons. The quality of the products conforms to the AWS, JIS and GB standards. The products are widely used in power station, boilers, pressure vessels, bridges, ships, vehicles, skyscrapers and heavy machinery etc.

    In recent years, especially a number of national and Yunnan provincial key projects are designated by
Atlantic welding materials. Such as world know projects: Three Gorges Dam Body Project on Yangtse River, Ertan Hydropower Station, the West-East Gas Pipeline Project, the National Centre for the Performing Arts, olympic bird's nest project, Shanghai World Financial Center, the new International Airport of Kunming, the Expo project, second ring road reconstruction project, Kunming metro construction, the power plant, Manwan hydropower station and Kunyu, Chuda, Kunqu expressways. Those great  achievements have written a glorious chapter to promote Atlanticbrand to "A Well-Known Trademark in China" and "China top brand"

    Since its inception, the company has been running along the development track of health, speediness, stable and has realized the leap forward development. The annual sales from the original 3500 tons grew to 50000 tons in 2012. Cumulative volume has reached more than 600,000 tons, Industrial output value of 1.4 billion yuan. Profit is of 160 million yuan. The market share of
ATLANTIC products in Yunnan is more than 90%.The products enjoy a high reputation abroad and have been exported to many countries like Canada, Poland, India, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Laos and so on.

    The company has been rated as advanced enterprises on internal cooperation in Yunnan Province; integrity unit as commercial enterprises; "AAA" super credit enterprise of industrial and Commercial Bank; outstanding enterprises of ISO9001 quality management system certification; integrity level department of Kunming municipal labor and social security; top 100 enterprises of main business income of Kumming in 2005; 20 growth enterprises of Kunming in 2009; harmonious enterprise of Kunming in 2012.

   Contact address: Chenggong, Kunming, Yunnan
   Post code: 650501
   Tel: +86 871-67411451
   Fax:+86 871-67411912


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